Activator Chiropactic Technique


I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard patients say, “I’d like to be adjusted but I don’t want to be cracked!”

At the Brampton Health Centre, we use the advanced science and technology of the Activator Technique. This method of adjusting provides you with greater safety, effectiveness, comfort, and peace of mind. Activator technique is the most researched and proven chiropractic technique available. Pain relief has never been safer or more pleasant.

The Activator is a small hand held instrument used to gently restore proper alignment and motion to the vertebrae of your spine. The unique design of the Activator is responsible for the extraordinary safety and comfort of the Activator Technique. The high speed of the Activator (1/50 sec.) eliminates the need to twist and bend your neck or back. You feel a gentle “tap” and the adjustment is over. Getting rid of your pain is that simple. Our first time patients often express amazement at how effective and gentle the adjustments are.

I am one of only a few chiropractors in Brampton who have received advanced proficiency certification in this technique.

Chandini Bakshi