Holiday Orthotics Sale

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Get a health supporting present for yourself and your family! This November and December, we are giving our patients a free pair of shoes with any orthotics purchase.

Did you know that orthotics are designed to correct the function of all the parts of your body that move?

Think of it like this: When your feet feel good, the rest of your joints have better alignment. When your feet don’t feel good, all sorts of issues can arise. Did you know that even headaches can be a direct result of posture-related foot problems?

Unlike drugstore inserts, custom orthotics offer a personalized fit. Often, individuals experience quicker pain relief and recovery once they start wearing their new orthotics. Pain relief is the primary reason for choosing custom orthotics. Knee and back pain can be greatly improved when custom orthotic devices are used. They are designed to support the spine and help realign it.

As the end of the year nears, we see an influx of patients to Nirvana Wellness Centre, as employees take advantage of their expiring insurance benefits. So don’t miss out, get your free pair of shoes before this year ends!

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