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Inesha O’Hara


I love to see people reach their goals, my love shines bright when we are working together. I help you, see you, at your highest potential and guide you there, the rewards are out of this world! When we work together, we're able to bring to the surface any physical, emotional, mental blocks you've been experiencing, our work together focus on opening the Heart chakra. I believe, as humans, it is our desire to live to the best of our ability and in doing this, it adds to our life, family, purpose & community, this is all possible by releasing built up trauma, old beliefs systems, and replacing fear with love and truth. Attaining optimal health and balance is a practice, I’ll teach you how to incorporate: meditation, calm, a healthy heart, and integrating your choices and experiences into your creation of Self-Care and Holistic Health.

During my Calm time, you will find me in spiritual practice, meditation, learning and gaining more knowledge to share with you. I am also an advocate for our Environment #WaterMatters, The Judicial System and all children, guiding them and reminding the older generations, that children are our future and helping ‘Share the Wisdom’ between the two.

5 Ways to Count Your Blessings!

  1. Fall asleep by listing the things you are great-full for from your day.

  2. Wake up with Gratitude.

  3. Become aware of your Breath, before getting out of bed, try to take 5 deep breaths!

  4. Smile

  5. Drink Water