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Compression Stockings

Our Doctors measure and fit people for compression stockings to treat varicose veins, leg fatigue, calf pain amongst other lower extremity pathologies. We use the highest quality Therafirm and CoreSpun stockings. There is even special compression hosiery designed to address a wide range of circulatory conditions and diabetes.

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Who would benefit from compression stockings?

Compression stockings are also ideal for patients who do prolonged standing, experience fatigue, travel, participate in sports/exercise, diabetics, during pregnancy or to maintain healthy circulation.

Compression Stockings Help Blood Circulation

How do they work?

Blood in your veins needs to flow back to the heart. It essentially has to work against gravity to do so. Elements that limit that flow such as lack of movement (i.e. after an injury or surgery), circulation issues, or weakness in the walls of the veins of the legs results in blood pooling in the veins of the lower legs or feet. This can result in swelling, leg fatigue and achiness. It can also lead to many serious health conditions. By squeezing the leg tissues and walls of the veins, compression stockings can help blood in the veins return to the heart. They can also improve the flow of the fluid(called lymph) that bathes the cells in the legs. Improving the flow of lymph can help reduce tissue swelling. The stockings may improve comfort in some healthy wearers even if they don’t have a discernible health benefit. For example, improving the flow of blood and lymph may make legs feel less tired in some people. Although more research is required, runners and other athletes sometimes report that wearing compression stockings helps to improve their athletic performance or prevent injury (see inset below), there’s little evidence that they help in this way.

Measuring for size

Compression stockings are beneficial if the are worn properly and are the right gradient for your requirements. Our doctors would will assess and guide you.

Specific Conditions:

Varicose Veins:

Important factors including prolonged standing or sitting, heredity, excess weight may increase the risk of developing a chronic venous disease of the leg. These conditions can progress and produce complications such as chronic inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, skin pigmentation and ultimately leg ulcerations. Symptoms commonly present as tiredness and heaviness in the legs, especially after long days of work, and leg swelling.

Deep Vein Thrombosis:

Are You At Risk?

Did you know that every year more people die from blood clots than from breast cancer and AIDS combined? A blood clot also known a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can travel to the lungs resulting in a Pulmonary Embolism (PE), an often-fatal condition. It is important to start educating people about DVT prevention.

Clinical research supports the use of gradient compression stockings 15 mmHg and higher to help prevent the development of DVT. According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the risk of a Pulmonary Embolism is also prevented.


There is a link between Pregnancy and the development of varicose veins. Studies show that 30% of women pregnant for the first time, and 55% of women who have had two or more pregnancies develop varicose veins. Women who are pregnant are also at a high risk for the development of a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). This is primarily due to the increased blood volume at full term. Additionally, pregnancy causes hormonal changes that can be correlated with blood clots. Wearing compression socks can aid to keep your legs healthy during pregnancy and beyond.