Naturopathic Medicine and services available, includes nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, cupping, and hydrotherapy.

Naturopathic Medicine

The naturopathic philosophy and practice of health care offers an integrated approach to the healing potential of the body and mind not only physical, but social and psychological using natural therapies.  Therapies such as acupuncture, botanical medicine (herbs), and nutritional supplementation may be used as part of the program prescribed to help you have a balanced healthy mind and body. During the initial consultation which usually lasts 90 minutes, time is spent reviewing your symptoms, as well as your diet, lifestyle, family history and obstacles to your health and wellness goals.

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Dr. Nicole Hwang, Naturopath
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We also offer 15 minute complimentary consultations for you to learn more and ask questions to find out if naturopathic medicine is right for you.


Naturopathic treatments often include one or more of the following:

Acupuncture offered at Nirvana Wellness Centre Brampton


The use of acupuncture, diet and traditional botanical formulas comes from an Eastern philosophical and medical perspective for the treatment of diverse conditions. The goal of treatment is to harmonize, or “correct,” patterns and imbalances that express certain symptoms in the body.

Acupuncture is useful for treating conditions such as digestive issues, stress, hormonal/fertility issues, and many more.

Cupping - Nirvana Wellness Centre Brampton


Another type of Eastern medicine treatment, used to move blood and congestion in the organs, as well as treating muscular pain.

Clinical Nutrition Nirvana Wellness Centre Brampton

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition involves dietary assessment, counselling and supplementation for health promotion, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic disease. Clinical nutrition helps give your body a boost to heal itself.

Botanical medicine helps balance hormones, helps you feel more calm, reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes smooth digestion.

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine is the use of herbal preparations such as teas, tinctures, standardized capsules, infusions, salves and ointments, as single herbs or in combination, to promote healing and well-being. Botanical medicine is great at helping balance hormones, help you feel more calm, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote smooth digestion.

Hydrotherapy stimulates circulation to promote healing and improves the immune response.


Hydrotherapy is the application of hot and cold water to affect the inherent physiological processes of the body. Hydrotherapy works by stimulating circulation to promote healing and improving the immune response.

Modify unhealthy habits/behaviours, emphasizing self-responsibility for one’s health.

Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle Modification involves the application of programs to modify unhealthy habits/behaviours, emphasizing self-responsibility for one’s health.

B 12 Injections boost energy, metabolism, and red blood cell production.

B-12 Injections

B12 injections are given intramuscularly to boost energy, metabolism, and red blood cell production.

Nirvana Wellness Centre offers guided meditation exercises, silent meditation periods, discussion and more.

Mindfulness Meditation

Stress and anxiety from  daily pressures or adverse situations can have a negative impact on your long term health and wellness goals.  Our naturopathic team may recommend that you add meditation to your wellness routine. Mindfulness Meditation is the awareness of our habits of thinking and reacting, with the eventual goal of making wholesome changes toward a less stressful life. It is taught by means of guided meditation exercises, silent meditation periods, discussion and more.


Does insurance cover naturopathy treatments?

Naturopathic Medicine is covered by most extended health insurance plans!

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